“Suppressing the shadow is like remedying a headache with a beheading. There is no good that cannot produce evil, nor evil that cannot produce good.”  ~ C. G. Jung


11:00 AM – 12:30PM EST


Dr. Mark Brady of The Committed Parent ,

author of Safe and Secure: A Guide to Parenting With the Brain in Mind

and How Parents Screw Us Up – Without Really Meaning To

together with

Jeanne Denney, M.A. –  Body Psychotherapist and Mother of four

What woman does not fear the raw and primitive parts of herself, often called her darkness? Many women agonize when this primitive shadow self comes to play in our parenting, a process that in the end only depletes energy and confidence. What if we could learn to understand, love and utilize this dynamic part of the self, allowing us more energy and joy in the task?

If this is one of your goals, this is a place to explore it together with kindred souls in a safe learning environment. This lively exploration will include weekly presentations and discussions as well as interactions between sessions. Of course it is open to both men and women as well as active, inactive and potential parents and grandparents. Covering  history, psychology, practical parenting and neuroscience, this webinar series aims to change your brain, expand your heart, and provide food for thought in ways that are interesting and memorable, but most importantly, practical. With new knowledge and an understanding of history we actually can begin to do things differently, not only as parents, but as people.

In order to insure that sufficient personal attention can be given to all participants, this offering will be limited. The cost is $195. Webinar sessions will be recorded and available to those who cannot attend any individual session live. If you’d like to enroll or receive additional information, simply send an email to: mothersdarkheart@gmail.com  

What others have said:

Embracing Mother’s Dark Heart is a refreshing and timely teleseminar that stimulates the mind and nurtures the soul of the imperfect-self as mother. Through acceptance, warmth, and humor Mark and Jeanne provide a rich learning environment that encourages a deeper understanding of the self while embracing one’s personal journey as a parent.                 
                ~ Carol Finstuen, Human Being, Mother, School Psychologist
The realization that my Dark Heart only appears when I am not taking adequate care of myself. It’s interesting how the Dark Heart is necessary, but it’s also unpleasant and can even cause damage, which underscores the dualistic nature of interpersonal situations. Since the seminar, I’ve become more forgiving and more balanced.  This was a wonderful reminder to be kind and gentle with myself, and to forgive myself when I lose it or mess up, or worse, hurt someone else through my words or actions. Those reminders were very salient for me. Thank you guys for putting this on this program. It was wonderful and SO informative! Blessings.                   ~ Charis Brown, Applied Energy Worker and Elementary School Teacher
Geez, there was a lot packed into this offering. Most memorable: The neurons in the heart. That really stuck out, because I had no clue, and because I suspect I have a lot of them, which helps explain why my heart seems to so often have a mind of it’s own.  Also the last session really stood out. I couldn’t listen live, but did listen to the recording. That whole session was packed with greatness.                  
                    ~ Ashley Brennan, mother and yoga teacher
I really loved how Embracing Mothers’ Dark Heart weaves together neuroscience, mythology, history, and participants’ personal experiences to blast apart the modern ideal that mothering is all light and love, as the sun-filled covers of parenting magazines would have us duped into believing.  Rather, the course confirmed for me, that mothering is an initiation into power, depth, learning, and the dark mysteries of birth and death.  Rather than try to be a perfect mother, this course gave me permission to be a messy mother with authenticity, and to recognize and cry out against the current devaluing of mothering in our culture.  This was not a “how-to” course for self-improvement, but a rich exploration that leads to empowerment.
                     ~ Kara Uleman, occupational therapist and Holistic Mom group leader